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ACR+ to celebrate erasmus+ days with an inspiring video

What are the impact of the Erasmus+ programme on a network of public authorities? ACR+, partner of the CEYOU project, will join #ErasmusDays by releasing a video on its Erasmus+ adventure. Join ACR+ on Youtube on 14 October at 10:00 CET to discover more on the Erasmus+ projects in which the network is involved and the real impact it had on ACR+ and its members.

ACR+ started its Erasmus+ journey in 2019 with the CYCLE project. Since then, after seeing cities and regions from the network and outside taking steps to strengthen circular economy aspects in vocational training, ACR+ understood that its role as an international network is to share these experiences with educators, policy makers, and all those supporting local circular economy loops through educational tools. The introduction of strategic objectives linked to the Green Deal in the newest Erasmus+ programming period has paved the way for an even more structured work of the network. Thanks to the support of the Erasmus + programme, ACR+ keeps consolidating a living community of practice, which has to its credits international workshops, thematic publications, and a wide range of local raising awareness activities. Four projects, presented in the video, encompass the efforts taken by ACR+ and its members to boost the uptake of circular economy within education, vocational training, and life-long learning: CYCLE, CEYOU, Greener and GreenSportsHub.

Make sure you connect on Youtube on 14 October at 10:00 CET to learn more about the Erasmus+ projects of ACR.

(Re)watch the event of CEYOU!

If you missed the event oh 2 July titled “Putting youth at the core of circular economy“, organised by the CEYOU project and the European Week for Waste Reduction, do not worry. We recorded it for you!

You can find the recording video here.

The event was officially opened by Marta Arosio, Project Manager at the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA). She illustrated the engagement methods implemented by ALDA within two projects: LIFE BEWARE e FOOD WAVE.

Then, Serena Lisai from ACR+ and Angela Karadog, for the Pontydysgu Ltd shortly presented the European Week for Waste Reduction and the CEYOU project.

Then, the CEYOU partners presented the local activities they implemented to engage and empower youth in the political dialogue on the definition of circular economy strategies. You can find the presentations below:

Finally, ACR+, as responsible of the publication of the Guidelines for ESTABLISHING PERMANENT FORUMS OF DIALOGUE BETWEEN LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND YOUTH ORGANISATIONS ON CIRCULAR ECONOMY, illustrated the CEYOU methodology, built on the practical experiences developed by the partners, to help to pass from the understanding of the state-of-art of the local context to set the basis for an action plan. The event was closed with the presentation of 5 recommendations that the CEYOU project raised at European level. Find this final presentation here.

Putting youth at the core of circular economy. Join us at the upcoming CEYOU event!

2019 has been an historical pushing point towards an ecological transition that sees youth as the central protagonists. Young people and students from Europe and all over the world took to the streets to demand action to halt environmental damage and climate change. Young people want to be part of this transition and there are many strategies to facilitate the dialogue between youth and decision makers.

The CEYOU project aims to empower young people to take positive actions and initiatives within their local communities, to develop networks and exchange practices at local, regional, national and European levels, in order to promote the transition towards a circular economy. As the first result of the project, the CEYOU partners published a set of guidelines to establish permanent forums of dialogue on circular economy, involving young people in the development of local circular strategies.

The guidelines have been built on CEYOU partners practical experience in testing the implementation of these kinds of forums. In order to present these methodologies and inspire other organisations to embrace the involvement of youth in promoting circular economy, the CEYOU project will organise an event titled “Putting youth at the core of circular economy”.

On 2nd July 2021 from 10.30 to 12.00 CET time


Furthermore, ALDA, the European Association for Local Democracy will present its activities at European level and in particular some projects focused on building sustainable communities, especially involving youth in climate action.

The CEYOU event will be an opportunity to gather successful methodologies to involve young people into the ecological transition and development of circular communities. For this, the event has been planned in collaboration with the European Week for Waste Reduction, which will focus on the topic of circular communities.

Join us and get inspired by these practical experiences!

Download the Agenda.

Register here and share the event!