In 2019 young people and students from Europe and all over the world took to the streets to demand action to halt environmental damage and climate change. The CEYOU partnership recognised this vital message and looked for a way to help.
The development of the circular economy is seen as central to reducing damage to the environment and developing positive change. The European Commission has adopted an action plan to help accelerate Europe’s transition towards a circular economy and this project, CEYOU has been part funded by the Erasmus+ programme.
The main priority for the CEYOU project is promoting, engaging, connecting and empowering young people around the circular economy as a means to deal with the danger to the environment and climate change.
The project aims to empower them to take positive actions and initiatives within their local communities, to develop networks and exchange practices at local, regional, national and European levels.
The project has the following objectives;
  • Develop guidelines for the establishment of permanent forums for dialogue between youth organisations and local authorities to promote circular economy practices, and set up those forums.
  • Develop and implement training programmes and activities for young people in the field of circular economy.
  • Promote dialogue through bringing together Circular economy organisations and youth organisations on a European, national and regional basis.
  • Develop and exchange Open Educational Resources (OERs) for young people to support them in facilitating Circular economy initiatives.
  • Develop an app to guide young people in setting up initiatives around the Circular Economy.
CEYOU will be working in Pontypridd, Athens, Naples, Brussels, Kumanovo, Strasbourg and other areas over the next couple of years. Contact the coordinators, Pontydysgu Ltd for more info or to get involved.

Circular Economy for Youth