Kumanovo Circular Economy Platform

CEYOU partner Center for Intercultural Dialogue ran a focus group in March 2021 to raise awareness and create a local action plan for circular economy initiatives.

Aims of the event

Creating new public level of understanding about the importance and implications of green economy and waste management cooperating with activists and stakeholders from the NGO, national and local government.

Key results of the event:

Creating new modern and sustainable platform for circular economy.

A circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment. In contrast to the ‘take-make-waste’ linear model, a circular economy is regenerative by design and aims to gradually decouple growth from the consumption of finite resources

This group of participants included; activists, member of the Ministry for Environment, Deputy Minister for Environment, a local young business representatives, bloggers, youth ambassador for climate and others.

The group was extremely motivated and ready for new challenges.

One general feedback is that this was a great experience. It was very organized and everyone was professional and friendly.

This is wonderful way for creating public awareness about waste management and green economy.

The whole group is ready to work and to use this action plan for making changes.

Outcome of the SWOT analysis run together with key stakeholders:

We were analysing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats ( changed to challenges) trying to address what is lacking, to minimize risks, and to take the greatest possible advantage of chances for success.

General outcome is: Kumanovo and whole region have enough space for environmental reforms. There is enough free space for new greenery
and corners for new waste bins. One part from the local government is working for creating new bike paths and creating sport complex and sport terrains instead landfills.

Lack of adequate coordination between central and local government is huge problem and weakness.

Insufficient green ideas and waste management promotion, Insufficient of Green politics, bad financial situation and waste local infrastructure are part of the weakness
analyse. The region have huge potential and opportunities for creating working plan for
education at the schools and changing ideas between authorities. New modern regional landfill with EU standards will be one solution, this will be chance for opening new green business and green jobs.

One big challenge Is organizing new and functional system for reuse, recycling and repairing waste at schools and institutions including companies.

Mapping and creating online waste map, creating new local Eco patrol including activists and helping local inspectors for environment for mapping new (hot waste) spots.

Stakeholder engagement

A project is successful when it achieves its objectives and meets or exceeds the expectations of the stake-holders. Whole group was very professional and motivated from the first minute. The plan was to have different type of green activists together with the national and local government.

Whole group of activists was the responsive, together with the deputy minister for Environment. Because of the corona virus situation and the national restrictions it was challenge to bring whole group in one place, but we are happy for having this group of enthusiasts and activists with us.

Next Steps

We have excellent action plan (in details) The next step will be monitoring and following the plan. Starting with public promotion, content and graphic design, continuing with local grassroots actions, creating documents and communication plan for cooperating with the institutions.

Collaboration opportunities

Sustainable development, Education, waste management, green jobs and green economy.

Comments from CEYOU project staff

Excellent event and topic.

North Macedonia is still country in development. Topic like Circular
Economy is very important for creating new strategies and creating team with people who are professionals and activists at the same time. This is the first ever Circular Economy Platform with stakeholders from local and national level. With this action plan and monitoring all processes (new and old) we are going to have new product. The main goal is managing waste and using for energy like resource.

Circular Economy for Youth