Circular Resources

Online Open Educational Resources to support your Circular Economy Initiatives.

The aim of this toolkit is to empower young Circular Economy practitioners who want to implement an initiative following the principles of circular economy (CE). 

It is intended to guide them through the wide range of Open Educational Resources (OERs)already available online but spread over different web pages and websites. The toolkit organizes them following the different phases of project realization – from inspiration, to ideation and implementation, and can be used both individually and in groups.

Just follow the steps and choose the most appropriate OERs for realising your idea in a Circular perspective.

The resources selected are of four types -textual contents, videos, tools and mixed content – and they are marked with diferent icons in order to enable users to choose the most useful resources efectively.

This toolkit is targeted to those at the start of their journey, who want to ideate a product or a service, but many of the selected resources can also be useful in realizing activities and events in the field of Circular Economy. For a more in depth guide to activities and events please see our Toolkit .

As well as the pdf you can try our interactive version here.

NB it works best in full screen.

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Circular Economy for Youth