Youth Forum Pontypridd

CEYOUs experiences in Pontypridd

A short round up of the last couple of years setting up and working with Pontypridd Youth Forum.

What is Circular Economy?

Info for non-youth participants

Click the link for a copy of the information about the project and forum sent to the AM, MP and Councillor ceyou youth forum intro

Scroll through this page to find out what the forum has been up to, find our action plan and some activities you can get involved with.

Activities for All

We wont let Covid stop us from working on our Circular Economy action plan, here are a few options for our young participants to be getting on with during the  lockdown in Wales. Use Facebook to send your work and ideas to CEYOU or contact our coordinator angela [dot] gerrrad [at] gmail [dot] com

Bug Hotels with Cynon Valley Museum

We had planned a face to face workshop in Pontypridd’s Ynysangharad War Memorial Park but the firebreak lockdown meant we had to stay home. Instead the wonderful Catrin Doyle worked with Cynon Valley museum to make this tutorial for us. Please share your bug hotel photos!


Nominate a local business for a ‘Ponty Youth Forum Approved’ certificate

Third Meeting

The forum met again at the strt of October 2020 to discuss progress on the action plan. We had some new participants and lots of new ideas to add.

Some of the activities will be made available for the young people to do over half term (above).

Alex Davies Jones has made progress with the terracycle collection points and has secured some money to make this happen – now we need designs and ideas for the bin itself.

Heledd Fychan found funding to run bug-hotel workshops over half-term but due to the circuit-breaker lockdown in Wales this will not go ahead, instead we are encouraging families to make their own bug-hotels and the money will be put towards a future activity.

Mick Antoniw is excited about the planned bike ride but suggested we postpone it until meeting outdoors is allowed once more and instead to focus on an awareness campaign for walkers and cyclists to look out for one another and look after the walking and cycling routes.

Mali proposed a certification system for local shops and Alice asked if communal gardening spaces could be made available.

Grow Pontypridd agreed to place some seed swap boxes around town and Alex Davies Jones agreed to identify areas which could be ‘seed bombed’ or adopted by the community. The updated action plan can be viewed in the Miro Whiteboard below,
Forum Workshop Whiteboard

Second meeting


Youth participants ask Alex, Mick and Heledd the questions prepared in the last meeting

Whole team works together on a How, Now, Wow board to plan which ideas are feasible and can be included in the action plan.

Session evaluation and next steps

Following the meeting the Action Plan is circulated amongst participants and those who can help carry it through.

Action Plan

Ceyou youth forum Action Plan

First Meeting

Members of Pontypridd Young Friends of the Earth joined CEYOU this summer to form a Youth Forum on Circular Economy and post Covid recovery.

The group held a ‘kick off and planning’ meeting on Thursday 16th July before meeting with their local AM, MP and Councillor on Wednesday 22nd July. Follow-up events are expected in September.

Agenda for the Kick off meeting

What happens at the kick off and planning meeting?

You’ll all introduce yourselves and share one environmentally friendly thing we’ve done during lockdown.

Then Angela from CEYOU will find out what you already know about Circular Economy and show you some cool pictures, maybe a short video.

After that you get to shout out or write down your ideas for circular projects you already know about or new ones we could start (or make better) in Pontypridd.

Then we are going to think up some questions to ask Alex, Mick and Heledd about Circular Economy and building back better in Pontypridd after lockdown, and how they can help us to make some of those ideas happen.

During the next session we get to work with Alex, Mick and Heledd to come up with a Pontypridd action plan.

let’s get thinking!


Circular Economy for Youth