We worked closely with youth work experts Growth Mind & Thrive to make sure that the Youth Experience was at the forefront of our work.

Growth Mind & Thrive produced an external evaluation report for us, you can download a pdf copy below.

“GMT was impressed with the quality of the training material and the use of badges to demonstrate the distance travelled by young people and their achievements. The training material was tailored specifically to the language of the professionals using the resources while maintaining the authenticity and quality of the materials.”

D.Townsend – GMT


As well as the four deliverable outcomes, the project has also demonstrated great resilience in creating resources to be used within events and, notably, the dissemination of the project by the partners. The
greatest impact of the project was not only a downloadable resource for professionals but further resources for young people to maintain their own ability to take action and create initiatives where there may be a lack of service or support in the area of circular economy and climate change activism. Young people reporting that they enjoyed the activities, seeing their peers on mainstream media as well as maintaining sustained friendships through the project was important to address especially at a time where there were high levels of isolation and loneliness, especially in youth populations due to COVID-19.

The GMT recommends that the partnership should expand on the success of the CEYOU project taking in the learning from the experience of delivering through a pandemic to reach a wider audience of young people and the organisation that serves them with a focus on the dissemination of CEYOU to young people furthest to reach such as Roma Traveller communities and refugees.

Circular Economy for Youth