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CE youth forums

The partnership

developed guidelines for the establishment of permanent forums for dialogue between youth organisations and local authorities to promote circular economy practices.

If you are interested in contributing to the guidelines or setting up a local youth forum, please get in touch.



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Youth Forum Pontypridd

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Youth Forum Southern Italy

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Youth Forum Lesvos

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Tri-National Youth Forum

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CE Network & Events

Part of CEYOUs remit is to promote dialogue and exchange of best practices, mapping initiatives and sharing information through a network of youth organisations, local authorities, climate activists and other stakeholders.

Join the network

This interactive map shows circular businesses, initiatives and events that CEYOU has either been involved with or that our youth participants wish to highlight. Each flower represents a CEYOU youth forum. Click on the pins for more info.

CE App

Our web based guide to setting up your own circular economy initiative.

If you want to start a Circular Economy event, initiative, workshop or  business, the CEYOU App can help.

Make an account and log in to access your personalised Circular Economy Readiness self assessment tool and resources to guide you on your journey.


CE Future

The next steps for CEYOU and how to get involved…

CEYOU has set up a number of youth forums over the course of the project and these will remain active for as long as there are young people who need their voices amplifying. We hope that our stories and resources will inspire others to do the same and would love to hear from you about your own experiences.

The Circular economy is for everyone. If you are looking for support in setting up a circular business, activity, event or initiative, take a look at our toolkit and open educational resource pack.

If you are a youth organisation, business, politician, local authority, educator or otherwise interested in promoting dialogue around circular economy between young people and those in a position of authority, check out our youth forum guidelines.

To connect with the project please use our social media accounts.

If you are interested in working with us on a future project or event please get in touch.